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I am a space theorist and award-winning educator, I am  currently postdoc at the Open University in the UK as part of the Space Ethics Group. My PhD is from the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at Western University in London, Ontario. My research focuses on how the colonial legacy of space exploration limits the vastness of the futures in space. As an interdisciplinary educator, I love to create dynamic learning opportunities to engage students with ideas, actions, and possibilities. Education, to me, is a collaborative undertaking, and this is why I encourage student participation and use improv techniques. I currently host an online decolonial reading group with hopes of carving out space for decolonial thinking within the space community. 

Who I am:

Space Exploration  Interdisciplinarity 
Decolonizing Space Exploration 

Theory Sociology Technology Studies

Politics  Teaching

 Public Speaking  


Educator • Strategic Advisor • Project Coordinator  ​  Transformative and Award-Winning Educator with 5+ years of experience in public speaking, instruction, and facilitation in a university environment.  Dynamic and Strategic Leader who designed and produced a 3-month strategic plan that produced a 3-month strategic plan that netted an additional $700,000 for mental health resources and additional compensation. Can manage multiple projects from conception to completion simultaneously.

Interdisciplinary critical theorist of space exploration,
ethics, and anti-colonial
political and social
Working towards
pluriversal cosmic
and earthly futures.


Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher, I am on a quest to become a university educator and use my expertise in critical theory to help create a future in space for all people.

In the last ten years in the university environment, I have held different leadership and educational positions. I was able to mentor students, organize for social justice and labour rights, and develop my own sense of the interconnectedness of the world. Of course, that time was also spent reading, researching, and writing about the coloniality of space exploration,. The future in space has been a lifelong interest of mine. My research is an act of love, as is my passion for teaching. I am rather unconventional, I know. I tend to focus more on the the liberatory aspects of education than the course materials, often using improv techniques to engage with students. In my research, I seek to express the awe at the universe rather than simply analyse it. I do this because I believe that there are a multitude of valid ways to engage with the world around us, many of which are not currently accepted in the siloed university environment. I move with the world because, as Gloria Anzaldua says, "Rigidity means death." It is in this that I find strength as a theoretician and an interdisciplinary educator. 

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